Our Past:
Johnson & Turner Painting was founded in 1952 by Paul Johnson and Vic Turner. Both men were former painters who joined together and created a company that has stood the test of time for over 60 years. They did this back then the same way that it is done today by establishing a strong client base, building relationships and servicing the needs of an ever growing and changing industry.

Our Present
Today Johnson & Turner Painting remains a strong and successful company with a dedicated staff that is able to service the needs of our customers while offering value and quality second to none. As an ESOP owned company we have insured that our employees give 100% of their effort and commitment to meet our customers needs and quality standards.

Our Future:
We are confident that the future holds continued success for Johnson & Turner Painting, our employees and all the other individuals who work hard towards its success. We will always remember and thank those from our past who have helped to shape and guide us into the future.